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I remember the day you were born

Since its almost been 15 years that we have been together, I figured you were due a little love note. The “I remember the day you were born”, kind of note. I would like to say that you miraculously appeared in my brain one day, but that was not the case. I spent over a month wrestling with trying to get the taste and texture just right. The day the perfect recipe was finalized will be a memory we share forever.  I especially remember the first day I  put you up on the counter for all the world to see. I think we sold around 10 cookies or so. Then we ate all the leftovers, showed up the next morning, and made another fresh batch. And this was the way of it for a while. We had just started Tiny Boxwoods so it was a crazy time with life moving a mile a minute. But you started carving out your own path, as we were busy building regulars and trying to make a name for ourselves. Then comments started trickling in on how much our guests were liking our cookie. Before I knew it I was making bigger batches. 

I blinked and a year had gone by. We had survived the first year. By now, the cookie became the thing you absolutely had to try when you came to Tiny Boxwoods. I couldn’t make enough of them. I had to bring in reinforcements. There was a little team of us that would make and scoop, and taste test of course. There would be nights when we closed and a sweet couple on a date would show up at the back door asking if there were any cookies left. That was a special moment for me. 

I blinked again, and 5 years had passed and we were about to open our second restaurant; Tinys No. 5. We had a little bit more space, so a pastry room was built and I happily passed the baton of cookie making to our amazing pastry team. A couple more blinks and about 5 more years later and our beloved Milk & Cookies was born. At this point, this little cookie of ours had earned its own place. What was really a passion project that we thought would be a nice complement to what we were doing in West U ended up turning our worlds upside down. Milk & Cookies was your little neighborhood walk up bakery and coffee shop. We had homemade ice cream, all of our amazing pastries, a tip top coffee program. 

But at the heart of it all, was you in all your glory. You had made it. You have brought so many smiles to so many faces. And I couldn’t be more proud of you.



P.S. let's stay together forever.