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Tiny Boxwoods

Tinys No. 5

  • Can we bring in our own cake?

    We ask that you do not bring in outside food or beverages. We have a wonderful pastry department who can make a cake for you. However, if you do choose to bring in your own cake, we will just charge a small cake cutting fee.

  • While we do not do buyouts Tuesday-Saturday, a guest may reserve the restaurant on Sunday nights when we are closed to the public.

  • Yes, you may bring in any decor as long as nothing is stapled, glued or tapped on the wall.

  • Our largest space will seat a maximum of 20 guests.  We do not have a space that will seat more than 20. 

  • We offer brunch beginning as late as noon on the weekends and can offer a selection of tea, but we do not do the traditional high tea in the afternoons.

  • Yes! We are now accepting reservations at Tinys No. 5 for dinner. Please click on our “reservations” tab at the top of our website to reserve your table.

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