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It started with a nursery.

Tiny Boxwoods emerged as a breathing space in the midst of lush surroundings. A place to stop for a beverage, sustenance, and conversation. Week one, coffee. Week two, breakfast. Week three, a small lunch menu. Soon our tiny seed grew into an elegant experience. Word spread like ivy and by week 208, we branched out to create Tinys No. 5. And we are always looking for ways to grow.


Make each and every experience a memorable one.

To create an experiential bond between food and environment that’s contagious to all and forgotten by no one. To offer elegant service in an inviting atmosphere. To create opportunities rather than just jobs to encourage leadership and personal growth. To prepare good food from good places. Not just from its origins, but also from our kitchen.


Leaving a lasting impression.

Our chefs are united by a less-is-more mentality. We are not just another restaurant trying to fit in. The pride we take in our attention to detail is evident in every touch point. We offer a truly unique dining experience that we hope you enjoy as much as we love creating it. And when in doubt, use goat cheese.