Tiny Boxwood's

To create food that can be enjoyed in an environment, that together create a reaction
that's contagious to all and forgotten by no one.

Setting a different standard for each and every meal. To offer elegant service that feels inviting. To train
and manage a team that protects the ideals and interests of the restaurant while meeting the needs of our
guests. Creating opportunities rather than just jobs so that leadership and personal growth can be
obtained. To provide a workplace that is respected by its employees and noticed by its patrons.

With a healthy and energetic staff it will be evident that your food is coming from a good place. Not just
from its origins, but from the professionals that are preparing it in our kitchens. The Chef's stand together
in that less is more. Every detail is thought out and pride will always be evident in each and every dish.

Most importantly we wish to grow at our own pace and on our own terms. Innovative thought and out
of the box thinking will constantly be driving our businesses. We are more of a creative group that just
happen to serve food as opposed to another restaurant trying to fit in with all the others. We offer a
value both in cuisine and in experience that we hope you enjoy as much as we do creating it.


Career Opportunities

Whether we're hiring or not we'll always take time out to discuss opportunities or interest in food, wine, service and management.
To see about hiring needs or to discuss your future goals, email us to set up an appointment.

Look forward to hearing from you,
The Tiny Boxwoods Team